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NC State: Stewart Theatre in Talley Student Union

NC State University Campus • Arts & Music


2610 Cates Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27695

Talley Student Union seeks to live up to this idea by providing spaces and venues for students, faculty, staff and the Wolfpack community that encourage collaboration, foster learning and provide a welcoming atmosphere. With vibrant art, natural light, comfortable furniture and amazing views, our goal is to provide a place to help build and strengthen the campus community.

Whether it’s a presentation in the 1200-seat ballroom, a student governance meeting in the Senate Chamber or a student organization meeting in a 10-seat conference room, Talley Student Union has meeting space to suit a variety of needs. These flexible spaces are equipped with furniture and technology that encourage collaboration and assist in providing a quality experience for the presenter and audience.

But there’s more! A sense of community is often built over a cup of coffee or scoop of ice cream! Many of our dining venues double as lounges to maximize flexibility and provide study space in off-peak hours. From fireplace lounges to individual and group lounges overlooking the Thomas H. Stafford, Jr Commons, and everything in between, you’ll have a space to fit almost any need.

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