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Nov 08, 2016

Lessons from Captain Morgan on How to Party Like a Pirate

Posted by Raleigh Nightlife Staff • Nightlife News

We spent last Saturday night hanging out the expert on pirate protocol himself - Captain Morgan! Here's a look at some of the lessons we learned along the way.

Lesson 1: Start with a good base - like dinner at Backyard Bistro where you can enjoy a special Captain Morgan cocktail on draft! Yes, a cocktail. on. draft.

Lesson 2: Always be prepared for the unexpected. You never know when zombies are going to show up. Make sure they're friendly and then buddy up for drinks at the bar like we did at London Bridge Pub.

Lesson 3: Thank your DD. The trip from Fayetteville Street to Glenwood South is just a hair too long to make the voyage on foot, so schedule a driver in advance and be sure to tip well when he drops you off at Cornerstone Tavern for fireside drinks with all of your new friends.

Lesson 4: End the night on a high note. Lucky B's is always a great choice for Glenwood South good times and this past weekend was no exception. Beer pong optional, but highly encouraged... especially if you have a pirate on your team.

Thanks to our new pal, Captain Morgan, and the Morganettes for a great night out in Downtown Raleigh! We'll see you out again soon, friends.