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Nov 21, 2017

Join Us for a Raleigh Nightlife Thanksgiving Eve Crawl!

Posted by Raleigh Nightlife Staff • Holidays

Will you be in town on Wednesday, November 22, 2017... aka, "Thanksgiving Eve", and looking for some holiday fun to get into? We have just the invitation for you!

Join us for a casual bar and pub crawl to some of our favorite Downtown Raleigh establishments: Dram & Draught, Plates Neighborhood Kitchen, The Cardinal, and Churchill's.

At each stop, we'll have a festive gift basket that you can register to win for free. Just arrive before we leave for the next stop and put your name in for a chance to win. That's all that's required! (Since gift baskets contain alcohol, you'll either need to drop your winnings at your car on the way to the next stop or coordinate to pick up on Friday or later at the host venue. And it goes without saying, you need to be 21+ to win.)

"What's in the gift baskets?" you might ask... great question... because these are *really, really* good giveaways, y'all. Here's a peek at two... 

This is a great "his and her" basket because there are multiples of everything included! Two Bulleit coffee/cocktail mugs, two Crown Royal Santa hats, two pairs of Smirnoff ear buds, two pairs of Johnnie Walker gloves, two Glenmorangie Moleskine notebooks, a Ketel One ice bucket, and a Smirnoff rose gold bartender kit. Oh, and you might have noticed, lots of minis including Pumpkin Spice Bailey's! Seriously, cheer's yall.

Included in this set is a *super handy* Licor 43 soft cooler, two blue and white Christmas sweaters, a bottle of made-in-NC Social House Vodka (and a sweet hat), a bottly of Ole Smoky Moonshine (straight from Tennessee!), Rumchata minis and mixing tin, an ice cube mold, bar tool, a few shot glasses, a cute knitted Cynar toboggan, and dos Casamigos sunglasses. We've literally stocked every inch of this cooler with goodies!

We'll share the next two gift sets Wednesday, November 22, on social media to get you excited to join us! (Check Us Out: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)

Ok, so how do you get in on the Thanksgiving Eve Bar Crawl fun? It's so simple, friends: just show up!

Seriously. No tickets required. No registration. Just hop on the crawl where you can and leave when you must.

Be sure to bring your family (if you aren't hiding from them) and all your neighborhood friends. The more the merrier. Uncle Dave will have a blast with us, promise!

Here's the tentative schedule... you know how bar crawls can run a little behind when the fun is being poured on generously:

6 p.m. - Dram & Draught (623 Hillsborough Street)

7: 15 p.m. - Plates Neighborhood Kitchen (301 Glenwood Avenue - 0.3 mile walk from Dram)

8:30 p.m. - The Cardinal (713 N. West Street - 0.5 mile walk from Plates)

9:45 p.m. - Churchill's (1622 Glenwood Avenue - 1.2 mile Uber ride from Cardinal)

Please note, we're not providing transportation along the crawl... so plan to walk or Uber along the way. We kept the entire route within two miles to keep it all "Uber minimum charge" for you and your compadres.

See you on Thanksgiving Eve, friends!